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 Meeting Minutes

Local 6762 Meeting 2/6/2014
Called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Randy McQuay(Local 6762 President).Next the Pledge of Allegiance recited by all present.
Official Meeting Time:3:30p.m.

Roll Call

President Randy McQuay--present

Vice President Joe Kelly--present

Local Chairman Art Parra-- present

Recording Secretary Jesse Ramirez--present

Financial Secretary-Treasurer Matt Sweeney-- present

Head Trustee Rudy Ramirez--present

Trustee Kelly Street-- present

Trustee Micheal Paul-- present

Trustee Kenneth Schlegel--not present

Kansas City Southern Committeeman Arron Van Natta--present

Delegate at Large Greg Lovell--present

Records read and disposed of from previous meeting


1.)Web Development class; Art Parra read correspondence.

2.)Flash News: Please get mobile App.

Sick/Distress call-

Sick List
D.Montgomery-off work

D.Jones-back to work

M.DeLeersnyder-back to work

M. Patterson off work

Treasurer's Report

Jan.1,2013 Balance $36,624.39

Jan. Expenses -3,380.40

Jan. Deposit +4,644.00

Feb.1,2013 Balance $37,877.99

Unfinished Business:

1.)Web class: J.Ramirez paperwork is in for this class.

New Business

1.)Local Chairman Parra : Write up class in Kansas City March 24,2014. Spaces for four men. Priority for this class as follows: Wheel truck,5-10, and shop.

2.) Joe Kelly ask that Write Up class have more computers for those that attend.

3.)Local Chairman Parra spoke about Kansas City Bulletins being all screwed up. We will be going two weeks in between Bulletins to get them back on track.

4.)Local Chairman Parra said Mike Deleersnyder will have a delayed bid Friday Jan.14,2014.

5.)Local Chairman Parra ask that you check MVS one day vacations. They were messed up and need to be put in the computer again.

6.)Please watch out for the apprentices for awhile. Please work with them until they learn the ropes.

7.)Brian Burnap TSC coordinator will be on the overtime board from now on.

8.)KCS Carman was injured was immediately ask for recorded statement.

9.)Darrel Beaxdrua ask about leaking cushion units, specifically Manager Casey's button out policy for leaking cushion units. If the unit displays fresh banging on striker casting,unit still may be bad. Leaking units without buttons bad.

10.)Please call Brian Burnap TSC coordinator about any snow that needs to be removed. Also there doesn't seem to be any written specific snow removal plan for contractors and no action from the snow plan from last year.This was per K. Street.

11.)When calling the carmover guys for overtime please call the rip track, they will call on radio to get ahold of them.

12.)Notes for dealing with on the job injury and report:
A. Be honest
B.Take your time
C.You can ask for a break.(go to the bathroom ect)
D.Make sure you understand all questions fully.
E.Request Union Representation.
F.If this Required-Request a copy of the on duty injury investigation process.

*******Please Remember********
The Railroad must provide a reasonably safe place to work.
Railroad had notice of the defect.
Railroad has a duty to inspect and discover any defects that might result in injury, even though the defect should be obvious to the injured employee.
Do not try to not fill in the blanks spaces if you are not sure about them.
You are only obligated to provide information listed on your personal injury sheet on the day of that occurrence. Not be chatty!!

12.)President Randy McQuady ask for members consideration in buying ad space for 2014 TCU convention. Brother Joe Kelly, first motion to purchase ad space. Kelly Street seconds motion. 13-0 vote for ad space. Motion carried

13.) Rudy Ramirez discusses $ 30.00 raise each, for trustees and President, Vice President, Recording Secretary. The argument for the raise is it has been at least ten years maybe longer since last raise. Rudy Ramirez is the first motion for raise of $30.00. Darrel Beaxdrua seconds motion. 12-1 vote for the raise. Motion carries.

Good & Welfare

Meeting Close
Randy McQuay (Local 6762 President) closes meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Next Meeting We will meet as usual on the first Thursday of the month March.6,2014 3:30 p.m. See you there.

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Last modified: 3/6/2014

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